city trip: siena (june ’09)

During my month in Florence last summer, I traveled around Tuscany in the weekends, or even for short day trips after my classes ended during the week. With trains and buses, it is so easy to get around the Tuscan countryside, and I was able to visit some adorable little towns. I will start with the beautiful city of Siena…

We took the train from Florence to Siena, which I can remember wasn’t very long, and walked from the train station to the center of the city. We encountered breathtaking landscapes like this one featured below along the way…

We walked through the old city walls to enter the beautiful city that is Siena…

I found cute cafes like this one while walking through the city…

And I loved the warm colors of the buildings…

We finally made our way to the the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo. This is the town square, which houses the Palazzo Publicco and the Torre del Mangia, and is famous for hosting the Palio horse race in July.

Siena’s cathedral, the Duomo, begun in the 12th century, is one of the great examples of Italian romanesque architecture. Its main façade was completed in 1380. I definitely recommend visiting the Siena Duomo, the interior is beautiful.

I love the Roman clock against the brown brick…

I didn’t have too many plans when visiting Siena, we decided to just wander around and see where we would find ourselves. At one point, we saw the Basilica Cateriniana di Santa Domenico…

And of course, I couldn’t come back without a little souvenir… Cantucci, my favorite Italian biscotti-type cookies, yum!!

And Limoncello, lemon-flavored liqueur!


I definitely recommend a trip to Siena, even if just for a day. I would love to go back sometime for the Palio horse races, I hear it’s incredible!


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