city trip: giverny

On Sunday, before heading back home, we drove to Giverny. Giverny sits on the “right Bank” of the River Seine, 80 km from Paris, on the border between the province of Normandy and Ile-de-France. Why visit this small village? Claude Monet’s house and gardens, of course!

Claude Monet lived in Giverny for 43 years. His house and gardens, the village of Giverny and its surroundings, were his subject matter and they still attract half a million visitors each year from all over the world. There are two parts in Monet’s garden: a flower garden called Clos Normand in front of the house and a Japanese inspired water garden on the other side of the road. The two parts of Monet’s garden contrast and complement one another. I am dedicating separate posts to the two gardens, as the two are so incredibly different (see the post on the first garden here, and the second garden here).

After our visit, we had a picnic on a vast field right outside of Giverny. I couldn’t help but take a few photographs of our surroundings…


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