Photoessay: Madame Grès.

As I mentioned in last weekends weekend post, I visited the Musee Bourdelle for the exhibition, “Madame Grès, La Couture a L’Oeuvre.” This was my favorite piece by Germaine Émilie Krebs, or “Madame Grès” herself, a cotton evening gown created in 1980 (I love how you can still see the needles that hold the dress together)…

Madame Grès.

Madame Grès.

Madame Grès.

Madame Grès.

And this is a photograph taken by Willy Maywald in 1954 featuring a similar work by Grès (a dress that was shown at an international exposition in New York in 1939)…

Madame Grès.

Visit the Musée Bourdelle for the Madame Grès exhibition (until July 24th) at 16 rue Antoine Bourdelle, 75015 Paris. Read more about the exhibition here, here and here.

Update: Famous Fashion critic/New York Times writer Suzy Menkes has written a review of the Madame Gres exhibition, click here for the article.


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