weekend in 3 (#10)

It was a quiet weekend, and a quiet week. My mom and I got back from Paris last Saturday, but we had been feeling under the weather on Sunday. Then on Sunday night my mom was ill, and I wasn’t feeling any better on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday was when I fell terribly ill with a stomach bug, which lasted till this Saturday. So as you can imagine I was more than thrilled when I was finally able to get up on my feet on Sunday and enjoy the sunshine (21 degrees in April!)

One of the things we brought back from Paris was Pierre Herme macarons, the best of the best. We’ve been savoring them…

On Saturday, my mom dragged me out of the house to the local plant nursery (not my favorite place in the world, mind you!) to get some fresh air, and on our way home I spotted “50 tulips for 5 euros!” I made mom pull over, even though she complained that she didn’t really need them (but come on, do you really NEED a reason to buy tulips?) And when we got home she admitted, that well, they were very nice after all.

On Sunday morning, I was finally able to stomach a real breakfast, eggs and toast and orange juice and COFFEE (it had been 5 days!) And I had the idea to cut my toast into little “soldiers” to dip into my soft boiled egg, definitely going to keep doing that (update: this is the post that inspired this breakfast)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


6 thoughts on “weekend in 3 (#10)

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