tin shed (portland)

Not only do I love coffee (see post here), but I love breakfast food! And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to go out for breakfast, no matter where I am – Montreal, London (and again). In Portland, my friend took us to the Tin Shed, a great patio/garden cafe that’s very vegetarian-friendly, located at 1438 NE Alberta Street.

Tin Shed.

Tin Shed.

Loved sitting on the patio…

Drinking a cup of coffee…

Tin Shed.

Eating my unbelievably delicious sweet potato French Toast made with brioche, and covered in maple syrup, served with a side of fresh fruit….

Tin Shed.

And people-watching of course (dog-watching too, apparently the Tin Shed is very dog-friendly, too)…

Tin Shed.

Tin Shed.

Read more about the Tin Shed on Yelp.com, Serious Eats, and this article about the hour-long PBS documentary, “Breakfast Special,” that featured this cafe!


4 thoughts on “tin shed (portland)

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  2. Hanso

    Im soo impressed by your blog, you are the queen of linking people up to more information about everything you talk about! That PBS special is awesome!

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