portland soup company (portland)

Portland food carts! I don’t even know where to begin on this one. I had never heard of this phenomenon, food carts, until arriving in Portland seeing them all over the city, several of them crowded together along sidewalks and in parking lots! My friend was telling us, as she was driving us around the city, that it’s a real big thing in Portland, and food carts are a way for chefs and bakers to get there food out there without having to buy or rent an actual restaurant space. Here’s a video about them on the New York Times website, and there’s even a website dedicated to Portland food carts (all 400+ of them!) And my friends sisters’ boyfriend happens to work at one, The Portland Soup Company!

Portland Food Company.

Located at S.W. Fourth and College, over by Portland State University, The Portland Soup Company gets so much lunch-traffic, and I’m not surprised, their food was absolutely delicious!

Portland Food Company.

Here’s the owner, Jeremy Davidson!

Portland Food Company.

Portland Food Company.

They’re known for their soups and salads, and can I just say, they are delicious! I got a LARGE mozzarella sandwich (with arugula and sundried tomatoes) for only $6!

Portland Food Company.

And a wonderful homemade cookie for dessert…

Portland Food Company.

Yumm! Read more about The Portland Soup company at Food Carts Portland, Oregon Live and Yelp.com.


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