pittock mansion (portland)

We didn’t JUST eat (and drink coffee) in Portland (see previous posts here, here and here), we also the Pittock Mansion, a French Renaissance-style chateau, formerly owned by The Oregonian publisher Henry Pittock, from 1914 to 1918. My friend worked here at the ticket counter and in the gift shop, and it was a great little visit – including a little Oregonian history, a tour of the mansion and great views of Portland.

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion.

Pittck Mansion.

Pittock Mansion.

Pittock Mansion.

Aren’t these colors great? 

Pittock Mansion.

Pittock Mansion.

Loved all the wallpaper prints. 

Visit the Pittock Mansion at 3229 NW Pittock Drive, and check out the website for opening hours. Oh and visit the Rose Garden if you’re headed over there, afterall, Portland is the City of Roses (see my photographs of roses here). 

And that’s a wrap for my Portland posts, till next time PDX! Still to come before I finish my summer travel posts, Calgary, Alberta and the South of France, stay tuned.


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