weekend in 3 (#16)

My boyfriend arrived on Thursday from Calgary to visit me for two weeks! He had only ever been to Holland for a few days in High School, on a trip through Europe, so I was excited to show him the things he hadn’t seen… like the small town outside of The Hague where my family lives. We spent the first few days biking, around my town and to The Hague. On Saturday, we biked to the beach, through the dunes, and it was surprisingly decent weather (my boyfriend even took a dive in the water!)…

Well the weather held out until we started biking home, then the rain really came down. We were absolutely drenched when we got home! The rest of Saturday was spent warming up, looking up hotels for our upcoming trip to Berlin, and watching movies. Then Sunday morning we headed into Amsterdam!

We drove to my brothers’ (soon to be mine too!) apartment near the Westerpark in Amsterdam, and took bikes from there to Leidseplein. First stop, the Last Minute Ticket Shop for tickets to that evenings’ Boom Chicago show. Then we walked past the American Book Center at Spui and found the Begijnhof (featured above), one of the oldest inner courts in the city of Amsterdam, dating back to the Middle Ages! We then went to Singel 404 for lunch…

There’s a reason why this restaurant is featured on The Guardian‘s City Guide to Amsterdam, it’s a “lunch institution!” It really has the best sandwiches in Amsterdam, maybe ever. I’ve been here a few times, and I always take friends who are visiting here. My boyfriend, at the end of his trip, said that this lunch was the best food he’d had and that he’d definitely have to come back. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Amsterdam, and ending the day with a hilarious comedy show. Off to spend another few days in Amsterdam and then a long weekend in Berlin!


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