city trip: berlin

I’ve been trying to get my Berlin posts out for a week now but I’ve been so busy with my orientation program in Amsterdam. Here’s a small collection of my favorite photographs of my recent trip with my boyfriend, just to get started. More to come!

See other city favorites: Portland, Montreal, Paris, London and Istanbul. And for more Berlin posts, click on the following links: weekend in 3 (#17)Berlin (Buildings),Berlin (Checkpoint Charlie)Berlin (Street Corner)Berlin (East Side Gallery)Berlin (Friedrichshain) and Berlin (City by Bike).


18 thoughts on “city trip: berlin

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  2. fotoeins

    Margot, I saw your post highlighted early today (Monday) on WordPress’ tag for posts on “Photography”. Love your shots from Berlin – one of my favourite cities to visit! I especially like the perspective in many of your photos. The two photos which stand out for me are the outline of the Berliner Mauer on the pavement, and the staggered “Stele” at the Holocaust-Denkmal (memorial).

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