checkpoint charlie (berlin)

A visit to Berlin isn’t complete without a visit to Checkpoint Charlie (and because of this, the area is tourist-infested, if you will.) Checkpoint Charlie was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.

Checkpoint Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie.

In 2006 an open air museum was constructed around Checkpoint Charlie. Gallery walls along the Friedrichstraße and the Zimmerstraße inform on escape attempts, how the checkpoint was expanded, and its significance during the Cold War. Here’s an photograph of an image along the wall…

Checkpoint Charlie.

And this one in particular caught my attention. It’s a photograph of artist Keith Haring painting the Berlin wall! In 1986 the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in West Berlin asked Keith to paint a 350 foot wall mural. Here are some photographs of the final mural.

Checkpoint Charlie.

In 1991 Haring spoke of his mural for his authorized biography by John Gruen and said,

I decided on a subject, which is a continuous interlocking chain of human figures, who are connected at their hands and their feet –the chain obviously representing the unity of people as against the idea of the wall. I paint this in the colors of the German flag–black, red and yellow.

And what’s interesting is that when we were walking to the Neue Nationalgalerie in Mitte, I spotted this statue and immediately knew it was one by Keith Haring.

The statue can be found at Eichhornstrasse in the district of Mitte. See other photographs of Berlin: weekend in 3 (#17), Berlin (Favorites)Berlin (Buildings)Berlin (Street Corner), Berlin (East Side Gallery), Berlin (Friedrichshain) and Berlin (City by Bike).


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