weekend in 3 (#19)

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was an unbelievably rainy weekend, but I managed to make the most of it with my orientation group. I was in Amsterdam from Wednesday to Sunday for the International Student Network intro week which was a lot of fun. On Saturday, in between extreme rain showers, I biked with a few others to the Uitmarkt on Museumplein in Amsterdam. I had never been to a cultural fair like this before, and it was really great to get a feel for what’s to come in the realm of music, theatre, dance, art, etc. Here’s a photograph of a tent at the fair…

I was mostly interested in the different exhibitions coming up in museums around the Netherlands and found a few that I’m really interested in, mostly photography related – 3 different photography exhibits at the Jewish Historical Museum, including one on Marianne Breslauer, a German female photographer; the exhibition “Painters and Photography 1888-1915” at the Van Gogh Museum; the Huis Marseille or Photography Museum Marseille in Amsterdam as well as the temporary Foam Pop In at the Museumplein. Lots to see!

Then Saturday night, a group of 10 of us cooked a Mexican meal at my house, with lots of sangria and card games to keep us busy till late into the evening. It was a great get together, can’t wait to do it again! Here’s one of my favorite photographs of the night…

On Sunday early afternoon I took the train back home to finally get everything packed and ready to start in Amsterdam in a week and a half! My grandparents stopped by for tea late in the afternoon, which lead to drinks and cheeses (here’s a lovely camembert and goat cheese, yumm!)

I’ve been inspired by Facebook to include a link to what I posted a year ago today… Around this time last year I was packing and getting ready to head to Montreal for my last semester at McGill University. But on this exact day a year ago I posted about an article in the Jamie Oliver Magazine which inspired me to post this and this. Have a wonderful week!


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