friedrichshain (berlin)

So Friday was definitely a busy day (and a tiring one at that, so much walking!) as you might know if you’ve been following my Berlin posts – we started the day at Checkpoint Charlie, walked to the Neue Nationalgalerie, then through Kreuzberg to Curry36 and from there we took the U-bahn to the East Side Gallery. To top it all off, I decided we walk up to the district of Friedrichshain – I was on a mission to visit all the districts of Berlin! And I had read about a great microbrewery called Hops & Barley on Let’s Go Travel Berlin (which I highly recommend for budget travel!)


Hops & Barley makes its own cider, pilsner, and lager on site for locals (and tourists, like us). You can get 0.5L beers for 2.80 euros!  Hops & Barley is located at Wühlischstr. 22/23 in Friedrichshain.



We then walked around the neighborhood. Friedrichshain has a slightly run-down atmosphere, and its lower rents following German reunification attracted students and artists. It’s kind of an eclectic area, which lots of art and graffiti (kind of wish I had gotten these postcards featured below)…


What a wonderfully busy day in Berlin! Up next: biking in Berlin, a second post! See other Berlin posts: weekend in 3 (#17), Berlin (Favorites), Berlin (Buildings), Berlin (Checkpoint Charlie), Berlin (Street Corners), and Berlin (East Side Gallery).


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