cool globes in the westerpark (amsterdam)

If you’re going to visit the Westerpark, be sure to stop by the “Cool Globesexhibition, on display till September 25th. Featured are more than fifty globes, decorated by Dutch and international artists. The idea behind “Cool Globes” is to draw attention to global warming and other issues facing our planet…

I liked this one, by French artist Marine Peyre, called ‘Inside Earth’…

The description read,

This globe is the literal translation of the theory that to really know something is to immerse yourself in it… [The artist] used bright, happy colors to inspire relaxation and self-reflection, hollowing out a space for a passerby to sit “inside the Earth.” Reflect on what steps you can be taking to stop global warming.”

Here are some photographs of other globes featured at the exhibition…

Wendy Abrams, the founder of “Cool Globes,” created this idea of “public art with a purpose, where viewers can enjoy the artworks but also appreciate the serious message the globes bring with them: that global warming is a major problem but we can act to solve it” (

The globes are all so different, it’s really cool to see that these artists used many different techniques/resources when decorating the globes…

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108 thoughts on “cool globes in the westerpark (amsterdam)

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  2. Sophia Morgan (griffinspen)

    Wow, these globes are amazing! And what a great message behind this public art. I remember that in New York City many years ago they put up hundreds of cows all over the city, painted and decorated by different artists. A few years later, apples took the places of the cows. But these globes are really beautiful.

  3. Lisa Asanuma

    I love meaningful art, and these are particularly wonderful! I wish I could see them in person. The mosaic globe and the one covered in recycled materials are especially wonderful, as is the flag globe.

    1. rastelly

      I don’t know what you mean by tagging,
      but I have found a menu next to the screen
      you get when you bring up and individual
      post where you can attach any word you
      want to a post – I think tags are like catigories
      – and yet different some how, but I don’t
      think you can be freshly pressed without
      buying one of their expensive themes.

  4. Rustic Recluse

    I like these globes of arts…very meaningful and fascinating! never knew about them, and definitely want to visit Amsterdam soon! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have this on my list of to-visits!

  5. rastelly

    This reminds me of cows on parade, something that plagued
    the U.S. not long ago. Fortunately – they have gotten more creative.
    Canada started doing moose – New Orleans did fish, and the rest of
    louisana did pelicans and Aligators – See – “gators on the geux” for
    more on that one. I like the one that invites you to sit in it – there was
    a sculpture garden in washington where no one was allowed to touch
    anything – cept for this one that actually invited passers by to sit on it.
    I felt a strange connection with the peice afterward – it was a circle of
    marble chairs faceing each other – I don’t know what it’s message was
    but I felt like a knight of the round table.

  6. fornormalstepfathers

    I love this idea!
    A couple of years ago we saw bears in Berlin – they were painted and decorated by the artists from different countries.
    A bear from the USA looked like a Statue of Liberty.

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  7. Maria

    Looks like a ton of fun w/color and texture as well as a great opportunity to learn and also expand one’s own creativity. Thnx and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  8. Jean

    We have a permanent display of environmental themed globes in Vancouver, British Columbia just a few steps away from Olympic Village.
    Each globe was collectively done by a group of children under guidance of an adult.
    Photos and blog post here:

    And yes, these art globes in Vancouver were instilled just a few months before Winter Olympics began in Feb. 2010. The globes are also located by a bike route and a just a few steps away from Olympic Village, where now the accommodation for athletes have been turned into condos, some park space.

    Yes, interesting…and coincidental?

  9. Sarah Rohner

    I think “Public Art with a Purpose” is a great idea! These globes are all so beautiful and intriguing. “Cool Globes” would be a great traveling exhibition to parks around the world to raise awareness of global warming and other global issues. If it was closer to where I live I would definitely go see them. The art really is phenomenal.

  10. Secret Nobody

    These remind me of the “hearts of san francisco” exhibits that are all over San Francisco, Ca. I saw them in 2004 on vacation. They resemble these globes but are shaped like hearts. They were beautiful and so are these globes.

  11. Sophie Kaboré

    Fantastic work and idea…the globes are so beautiful. I spent 7 years in Amsterdam and I miss its cultural festivals and great street exhibitions.

    “Tot since”!!!

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  13. tegantallullah

    Wow, amazing. I think art is such an important medium for getting across serious ideas. Like these globes, are so much more thought provoking than like a page from a scientific journal, and reach so many more people. Any type of person can access this.
    Also, I wish I could go to Amsterdam.
    Great post! x

  14. sarahnsh

    I love all the pictures and all of the globes are so different, unique, and have such an interesting message too. My favorite was stained glass looking globe, just beautiful!

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