marqt (amsterdam)

This one’s for foodies… An upscale, health-oriented and eco-friendly grocery store in Amsterdam called Marqt.

Marqt focuses on local products and partnership with producers, unlike most supermarkets that focus heavily on low prices and convenience.

The motto here is delicious, healthy and reliable, “that means that the meat has an animal-friendly stamp of approval and the bread freshly baked four times daily” (iamsterdam).

I don’t think I’ll be coming here to do my daily shopping, but they did have some products I’d like to try sometime, like this granola and these nuts…

How great are these olive oil bottles?

And these beer bottles…

This branch of Marqt is located at Overtoom 21 in Amsterdam West. Other locations include Utrechtsestraat 17 and Gedempte Oude Gracht 66.

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8 thoughts on “marqt (amsterdam)

  1. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge

    Stumbled onto your blog from Freshly Pressed. I really like it – visited A-Dam once for only a few days but fell in love with the place. Your blog gave me a peek back to a place I’d love to go back to someday. Great photography 🙂

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