weekend in 3 (#21)

Before I start my weekend post, I would like to say how truly flattered I am that my post Amsterdam Insights: Westerpark (Cool Globes) was featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed last Friday (click on the picture to see how posts make it to the Freshly Pressed)…

With more than 3500 hits this past weekend alone, I was flooded with “likes” and the most wonderful comments from friends and fellow WordPress bloggers. Thank you all so much for your support! I will continue to post about my Amsterdam adventures and hope you will keep coming back to read my blog! Thank you all again.

Now for my weekend, I woke up Saturday morning to the most beautiful blue sky. The sun was shining and I just had to get outside. I took this photograph as I was grabbing my bike outside and loved the juxtaposition of the fallen leaves (hello Fall!) and the sun shining through…

I decided to bike to a few of the Saturday biological produce markets and take photographs (stay tuned for the Amsterdam Insights this week!) and had the most wonderful pistachio ice cream at the Dutch ice cream parlor, IJScuypje, for lunch (oops!) Then Saturday evening, a group of friends came over for a potluck dinner (I made my favorite chickpea salad, I promise to post the recipe soon, and the Peach and Raspberry Crumble I made a few weeks ago) and we had the best time. Great food (what a feast!), great people, great laughs…

On Sunday morning I took the train back home to spend some time with my family (my sister is leaving to London on Thursday). I baked a Whole-Wheat Zucchini Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with my mom, uploaded photographs from the weekend and prepared my upcoming Amsterdam Insights posts, changed my blog layout (do you like it? I felt like I needed to refresh the layout a little, and from now on the photographs will be larger, I’m loving that!), took photographs of the beautiful sunflowers my brother bought for my mom last week (featured below, I seem to love photographing sunflowers!) and watched TV all night with my sister. What a wonderful way to wind down after a busy week!

Another busy week coming up ahead and I can’t wait for all the craziness. Can’t believe that a year ago at around this time I was walking the streets of Old Montreal, past this street bench, the famous LOVE sculpture and this cafe, down to the train tracks, past this tree hugger and art installation to the ports.

Stay tuned for many more posts, and thank you to all my new subscribers (and to everyone for your kind comments, once again!)


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