ijscuypje (amsterdam).

After visiting the Noordermarkt and before heading over to the Nieuwmarkt (it was a market-filled Saturday!) I stopped by IJScuypje the homemade ice cream parlor…

I had to look up what “Dutch” ice cream is because honestly, I’ve never really understood what makes “Dutch” ice cream Dutch. But apparently Italian ice cream is made with milk, and IJscuypje’s recipe uses slagroom (full-fat cream) which results in a richer, creamier and softer ice cream. Plus, I heard the interior of the parlors are pretty cool, very minimalist…

Mmmm I had to try pistachio, my favorite flavor…

And I sat along the Prinsengracht canal, my legs dangling over the edge, watching the boats go by…

Find this IJScuypje at Prinsengracht 294, open daily from 12.00 to 9pm, and more locations here. Click here for more Amsterdam Insights, published every Wednesday.


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