nieuwmarkt (amsterdam)

The Nieuwmarkt is a destination worth visiting on any day, but Saturdays are especially fun because of the biological farmers market that takes place here. The square is actually in Amsterdam’s Chinatown, right next to the Red Light District

The Nieuwmarkt has along history in Amsterdam, dating back to the early 17th century when the square was created after the canals were filled in 1614, but it goes back even further than that – De Waag, or the “Weigh House,” the building in the center of the square (featured below) dates back to 1488, when it was built as a gate in the medieval city walls!

Just like the Noordermarkt, you’ll find a biological farmers market here on Saturdays…

Around the square, you’ll find plenty of cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces (and people enjoying the sunshine)…


And more terraces…

Definitely worth a visit! Click here for more Amsterdam Insights, published every Wednesday.


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