weekend in 3 (#23)

Good morning! I’ve started my Monday morning with a lovely cup of coffee, how about you? I had a great weekend, it was surprisingly 18-20 degrees and sunny all weekend (summer, you’re a little late this year, but better late than never, don’t you think?) On Friday, my mom and I spent the morning at the Jewish Historical Museum, grabbed lunch at Bazar (Amsterdam Insights coming up this week!) and went to the Stedelijk Museum book sale (the Stedelijk Museum borrowed some of my photographs from the event to post on Facebook!) That evening, I went to this great restaurant/cafe/lounge/club called Canvas op de 7e, a great little place that used to be the cafeteria of the old Volkskrant building (Wibautstraat 150), where I had the most incredible Cheesecake Limoncello cocktail. It was a lovely end to a great and busy week!

On Saturday morning, after making my brother a birthday breakfast (Happy 25th Birthday!) I met the same group of friends at the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam East, to buy fresh fruit and Turkish goods at the market before heading to the Oosterpark for a picnic. It was a beautifully sunny day and we lay around and had good conversations, great food, took photographs and enjoyed the sunshine…

On Saturday evening we celebrated my brothers’ birthday with a few drinks (gotta have a La Chouffe!) and cake…

And on Sunday morning, I biked with a group all the way to the IJburg Strand, or beach, way out northeast (it was almost an hour bike ride from my apartment in Amsterdam West), to the Blijburg (Muiderlaan 1001) a unique restaurant/café/party place located on the artificial beach of the IJ river/bay. We were fortunate enough to visit on a day that there was a “Kofferbakmarkt” or “car trunk market” – cars were parked in rows in the parking lot, each one with their trunks open and old goods/trinkets/junk (whatever you want to call it!) out for sale…

There was such a great atmosphere and I found a great painting for my apartment for only 2 euros! More of Blijburg and the market this Wednesday in Amsterdam Insights! Unfortunately it was the last one of the season, but be sure to checkout the Waterlooplein flea market (daily except Sunday) and the Noordermarkt (Monday morning and Saturday all day!) for second-hand goods and vintage/antiques.

Can’t believe last year I was in Montreal, enjoying the changing colors of the leaves outside my window, a Starbucks Cafe in Montreal as well as the beautifully vibrant Palais de Congres in Old Montreal, and the Bixi bikes to bike around the city.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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