mangoes, apple pies & marches

I’ve been having the most lovely time with a group of friends I’ve made in Amsterdam. We have “family dinners” at least once a week (see here and here), when we cook delicious meals and drink wine, and leave that evening with a smile on our faces from all the laughing. This group also took a trip to my home for a weekend when my parents were away – we ate muffins, got blown away at the beach and went on a Sunday walk. The other week we had another one of our “family dinners”…

This salad just seems to be a staple at our family dinners and I can’t get enough of it…

And our Dutch friend made a homemade Dutch apple pie, oh it was so delicious…

Everyone couldn’t help but smile, it was just that good…

And the smiles and laughter continued as our German friend taught us how to march…

And you know it’s the end of the night when we pull out the map and figure out how to get home…

Thanks for all the good times, ISN family! (And many more to come!)


4 thoughts on “mangoes, apple pies & marches

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