Photoessay: A (mini) Montreal reunion.

I’ve been so blessed these past few months with visitors from Montreal (and a lovely visit from my mom!) Every month actually, July and August, and now September. Earlier this week, two of my friends from Montreal came to stay with me as they were traveling through Europe. I was so busy starting my internship and balancing school, but luckily I got to spend yesterday with them, dining at Cafe Winkel (yumm apple pie!) for lunch, wandering along the canals on an unusually warm sunny day…

Down past the floating flower market on Singel…

Through Rembrandtplein to the Jewish Historical Museum and Portuguese Synagogue

And ending up at the Waterlooplein for some FROZZ frozen yoghurt to refuel…

Thanks so much for coming to visit girls! Please come back again soon, you’re welcome any time!


8 thoughts on “Photoessay: A (mini) Montreal reunion.

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