weekend in 3 (#24)

First of all, how is it October! It feels like just yesterday that I started Amsterdam Insights (click here for the September roundup). And second, how is it already Wednesday? The days have been flying by and for the first time since I started weekend in 3, I wasn’t able to publish this post on the usual Monday morning. I’m a few days late so I apologize for that. The past few days have been crazy busy and the week isn’t over yet. But let me backtrack to last weekend…

Unfortunately I was sick most of the weekend, after a BBQ on Friday night with a few friends of mine. The weather was fantastic last week, everyone was out on the street, in parks, on cafe terraces, enjoying the sunshine. I, however, was in bed all of Saturday, and only saw the sun from the confines of my bedroom. On Sunday morning I was finally feeling a little better, and went out on my first assignment for my internship…

You’ll have to pick up the November issue of Time Out Amsterdam magazine to find out what it was! Then I met up with a friend at the Westerpark (remember the “Cool Globes” exhibition?) for the Sunday Market, and browsed stalls of homemade crafts/fashion/jewelry, great baked goods and other delicious treats, fresh mojitos and hummus for example, and displays of beautiful and interesting artwork (stay tuned for more photographs in next weeks’ Amsterdam Insights)…

And on Sunday evening, we celebrated a friends’ birthday! Love birthdays! The birthday boy actually cooked a fabulous Italian meal for all of us (I’m warming up to this tradition, haha) and we sat in the living room, enjoying the company and the delicious food. I baked Martha Stewart‘s classic Yellow Cupcakes for the occasion (of course)…

It was unfortunate that my weekend was cut short because I was feeling ill, and I wasn’t able to enjoy the last summer sunshine like I wanted to, but I was able to get a lot of rest and prepare myself for the busy week ahead. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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