Photoessay: Recent Favorites.

Good morning! I know I usually start with my weekend in 3 posts on Monday morning, but sadly I left my camera at home (I went back home on Friday afternoon) when I came up to Amsterdam yesterday afternoon. Luckily I’ll get it back tonight so I can upload my weekend photographs but this will do for now…

A few of my favorite things this October.

First, two lovely friends visited me in Amsterdam the other week as they were both nearing the end of their European adventures. We had a great time wandering the streets of the Jordaan (and sampling apple pie with whipped cream at Cafe Winkel!) They really didn’t have to but they gave me these wonderful tulip-shaped chocolates from Jordino, the lovely chocolate and pastry shop on the Haarlemmerdijk that I visited with my mom the week before, as a ‘thank you’ …

We celebrated my friends’ birthday last weekend (and my brothers’ birthday the weekend before that), and the decorative bunting is still hanging…

Even though it was lovely to have an unexpected “summer spell” upon us in Amsterdam last week, I really don’t mind that it’s finally autumn weather. It is October, after all. We’ve had lightning and thunder and intense rain showers, but that makes it so nice when you’re inside, drinking a cup of warm tea, bundled up in an extra scarf and warm socks, sheltered from it all…

Other things I’m loving right now… I’ve mentioned Lucy Rose before, but have you seen the new video for her song Scar? Download two of her songs for free here, and listen to more on her Myspace. I’ve also been really into baking with whole-wheat flour, have you noticed? Here are a few posts and recipes: Whole-Wheat Zucchini Banana Bread, Whole-Wheat Pancakes, Honey Whole-Wheat Banana Bread, Peach and Raspberry Crumble (with whole-wheat flour), Oatmeal Peanut Butter Snack Squares and Whole-Wheat Apple Muffins.  Mmm yumm! More recipes to follow, in my weekend in 3 (#25) post.

Have a great Monday!


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