weekend in 3 (#26)

Good morning world! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Was it beautifully sunny over where you are too? After a (horribly) rainy week, we had a weekend of blue skies and beautiful slow autumn sunsets. On Friday afternoon, I went home to join my family as my sister had flown in from London for the weekend. We were also celebrating my older brothers’ birthday, two weeks late (just like last year!) My grandparents came over for tea that afternoon and we had these lovely autumn-inspired chocolates, how cute are they? Can you spot the pumpkin, it’s my favorite!

Then on Saturday, my brother, sister and I headed up to Amsterdam, where my sister and I spent a lovely day biking around the city. From the Noordermarkt to Two For Joy Coffee Roasters and Foam Pop-In, we had a lovely day. Stay tuned for tomorrows’ post when I’ll share more photographs. How lovely is this headband my sister purchased at Monki on the Kalverstraat? P.S. She’s quite lovely too!

And the whole reason she came down for the weekend was to run the 1/2 Marathon at the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday, October 16. Marathon’s in general make me emotional, it’s just an amazing thing to do and I’m always so in awe of those running. Add my sister to the mix and it was a really special afternoon. We biked all over the city to watch her run by, and we’re all so proud of her for finishing the race!

I’m finally on time with my weekend post, and this way I can wish you a wonderful start to your week!


7 thoughts on “weekend in 3 (#26)

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