burgermeester (amsterdam)

After meeting with Olivia Rae of everyday musings one morning at Pancakes! Amsterdam during her short visit (and after seeing this post), I just knew I had to sample the delicious burgers at Burgermeester. I met a few friends at the Plantage Kerklaan location in Amsterdam east…

Not so sure how I feel about the wall decoration, but hey, the red diner-like booths were a nice touch…

My order? A pumpkin burger with portobello mushroom and gorgonzola, served on a toasted brown bun. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

The menu has diverse options, including two vegetarian burgers (the pumpkin burger I just mentioned and a goats cheese, caramelized onion and apple burger), as well as beef, lamb, duck and salmon burgers. Every month, there’s a new “burger of the month” that’s customer-created thanks to the “design your own burger” cards at the restaurants (November is a rabbit burger with radishes, walnuts, pancetta and a cranberry compote). In addition, Burgermeester has a special “mustache burger” for Movember (1 euro goes to the Movember foundation), 2x beef, 2x cheddar, 2x jalapenos, pancetta and “beer baked onion.” Sounds good?

One of my friends ordered the Spanish lamb burger with chorizos and jalapenos, and a side order of corn on the cob (other side orders include baked potatoes, a rucola salad or potato salad, or grilled asparagus).

I definitely recommend stopping by for lunch or dinner. Burgermeester has 3 locations: one in de Pijp (Albert Cuypstraat 48), one in the Jordaan (Elandsgracht 130) and one in the East, by Artis (Plantage Kerklaan 37). Open daily from 12-11pm.

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