weekend in 3 (#33)

Another weekend

– I went to the Time Out Amsterdam celebration of the ‘Best of Amsterdam Awards 2011’ at the Heineken Experience on Friday night (get the December 2011 magazine to find out all the winners!);
– Slow Saturdays are the best;
– We celebrated Sinterklaas (a day early, it’s actually tomorrow, December 5th) on Sunday early in the afternoon, with a full brunch of banana pancakes, scrambled eggs and toast and homemade scones. So much laughter (1);
– I watched as the candle wax accumulated on the coffee table while sipping a warm cup of apple cinnamon tea and watching the rain outside my window (2);
– Darkness settled at 4:45pm on Sunday afternoon, oh winter…;
– Discovered these beautiful posts: Wordless 2:2, yesterday morning and this season;
– Draped Christmas lights over my bed and it’s quite wonderful (3);
– Finally watched the movie ‘One Day’ based on the novel by David Nicholls;
– And made this deliciously Simple Tortellini & Spinach Soup for dinner.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “weekend in 3 (#33)

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