recent in 5 (#9) rain, coffees & secret gardens

Recent days in Amsterdam
– Biking against the wind, through the rain and shielding myself from hail storms;
– Wandering through the Begijnhof (behind Spui) on a surprisingly ‘dry’ afternoon (1);
– Watching the sky turn pink at around 4pm, just before darkness settled over the city (2);
– Falling asleep to the rain hitting the windows and the wind whipping around the building;
– Sipping morning coffees at Cafe George on the Leidsegracht 84 (3);
– Heading out of the cafe just in time for the rain to fall from the sky in buckets, on our walk down the Keizersgracht to the photography museum, Foam (4);
– Browsing through piles and piles of photographs of Erik Kessels’ installation, ‘24 Hour Photo‘ at Foam‘s exhibition ‘What’s Next? The Future of the Photography Museum‘ (on display till December 7!);
– And spotting a lonely bicycle on Spui (5).

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3 thoughts on “recent in 5 (#9) rain, coffees & secret gardens

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