weekend in 3 (#35)

It’s a week before Christmas!

– A last ‘hurrah’ on Friday night, spent at Pacific in the Westerpark;
– My sister returned home for the holidays on Saturday morning, such a relief after last years’ fiasco;
– My mom cut out paper snowflakes and stuck them on our bedroom windows… she felt bad we weren’t going to have real snow with Christmas this year and after 4 years of snow before Christmas in Montreal (see post) and 2 years of white Christmases in the Netherlands (see last year and the year before), it just doesn’t feel the same (1);
– Back up to Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon for the ‘Funky Xmas’ Sunday Market in the Westerpark. Definitely the best Sunday Market I’ve been to so far (nevermind coming home empty handed!) (2);
– And a final dinner with friends on Sunday evening. I know, the table, decorated in a makeshift white theme + a few Dutch accents, is adorable. It was bittersweet, some tears were shed but there was laughter too. Can’t believe how fast these past 4 months have gone (3).

Happy Monday!


One thought on “weekend in 3 (#35)

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