recent in 5 (#16) + a few extras

My sister has been home for a week now. We’ve celebrated her (and her twin brothers’) birthday and Christmas, but we decided to head up to Amsterdam for an afternoon. The last time she was in Amsterdam was just lovely – we explored the Noordermarkt, had a coffee and a bite to eat at Two For Joy Coffee Roasters on the Haarlemmerdijk, stopped by Foam Pop-In on Museumplein and the International publisher TASCHEN Bookstore on the PC Hooftstraat and sampled the Amsterdam frozen yoghurt chain FROZZ on the Rokin. This time…

We started on the Haarlemmerstraat, popping into Het Grote Avontuur (Haarlemmerstraat 25) (1) as well as Wini Vintage (Haarlemmerstraat 29) (2) and Rumors Vintage (Haarlemmerstraat 99) (3). Unfortunately Restored (Haarlemmerstraat 39) was closed, but their window displays was great, as usual (4). Sukha (Haarlemmerstraat 110) is lovely too. Oh I just love the Haarlemmerstraat (5)

We then cut down the Binnen Oranjestraat (6), passed Small World Catering (Binnen Oranjestraat 14), onto the Brouwersgracht, down Prinsengracht and past the Noorderkerk where on Saturday mornings, a lively biological produce market can be found. We searched for the lovely Unicorn Boutique (2e Tuindwarsstraat 1) (7), and on our way back to the Prinsengracht, passed by La Perla (2e Tuindwarsstraat 14). It’s about time I try one of their stone oven pizzas! And according to Jason Hartley of Jason Hartley Lovefood, La Perla is changing the record shop across the road into it’s own bar. Oh, I’ll be going back now for sure…

We then popped into Juffrouw Splinter (Prinsengracht 230) and Leafde (Prinsengracht 232) (8) next door. Spotted this “coffee corner,” or Koffiehuis De Hoek (Prinsengracht 341) (9), on the corner of Reestraat and Prinsengracht. Then down Berenstraat, past the lovely artist-run bookshop Boekie Woekie (Berenstraat 16; see previous post) to Parisienne (Berenstraat 4), a small boutique that sells beautiful jewelry. A long lunch at the one and only Lunchcafe Singel 404 (Singel 404; see previous post) (10) before heading on to Rembrandtplein.

We passed Marqt and George Deli (Utrechtsestraat 17; see previous post of Marqt on the Overtoom 21 and previous post of Cafe George on the Leidsegracht 84) (11) on our way to the Utrechtsestraat where it still felt a little like Christmas (12). I spotted a cute little pup in the window of the Kiboots Concept Store (Utrechtsestraat 47) (13), and we popped into Sissy-Boy Homeland (Utrechsestraat 81-83; see previous post) before stopping at the infamous Two For Joy Coffee Roasters (Frederiksplein 29; see previous post) for a delicious vanilla latte (14). Then we headed down the Prinsengracht (15), past the old church De Duif (Prinsengracht 756), where I saw Ben Howard in concert a few weeks ago, before heading home.

A lovely day in Amsterdam. Click here for more ‘recent in 5‘ posts.


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