raw materials (amsterdam)

In December, when out shopping for Christmas presents, I took the tram into the center from my apartment. When switching trams over by the Rozengracht/Marnixstraat, I saw Raw Materials (Rozengracht 231) out of the corner of my eye, so I decided to take a look. Raw Materials isn’t just any furniture store…

They sell unique products from all over the world. My mom and I reminisced about Indonesia and how we just wish we had brought back more from when we lived there, like batique prints…

And old tins…

From wooden cabinets to old school chairs, Raw Materials has a collection of beautiful products, including floor rugs, textiles and decorations.

“Cabinets, gym lockers, kitchen racks, coolers, pots, curtains, fabrics, dining tables, lamps, chairs and sofas at Raw Materials arouse sentiments: they have a history behind that can hardly be bought in a normal craft store” (Cosebelle).

Raw Materials can be found on the Rozengracht 231 and is open Monday from 12-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Thursdays till 7pm. On Sunday they are closed. Click for more Amsterdam Insights, published every Wednesday


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