weekend in 3 (#39)

Where has this weekend gone? I feel like I spent the entire weekend at the University of Amsterdam library. I had a difficult time remembering what I did other that that…
– Oh right, Friday morning coffee at Two For Joy Coffee Roasters on the Frederiksplein with a close friend followed by more library time;
– Saturday afternoon, after a morning of studying, a Chai Latte break at Tony’s NY City Bagels on the Jodenbreestraat before heading home to do groceries for a friends’ last dinner;
– We’ve had a couple beautifully sunny (but cold!) days here in Amsterdam, with gorgeous (pink) sunrises and sunsets (1);
– A lovely Saturday evening dinner with close friends, complete with wine and these Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (2);
– Sunday was spent in the library, again (3);
– And this afternoon of studying was followed by a traditional Dutch (hearty) comfort meal of ‘boerenkool stamppot’ of mashed potatoes and kale. Yum.

Happy Monday! Click here for more weekend in 3, published every Monday.


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