round up january (amsterdam)

January was my fifth month of Amsterdam Insights (see the SeptemberOctoberNovember and December round ups). This month was a little busy, non-Amsterdam Insights speaking: I had to complete a month-long Research Practice Seminar before my master program commences in February, and I was busy finishing my internship at Time Out Amsterdam, the magazine… It was a lot. BUT I was still able to visit a few new places that I’ve been happy to share with you here. Here’s a round up of January…

Featured above are photographs from the following posts…

Next month there will sure to be more coffee dates in warm cafes, museum visits (oh, there are so many more in Amsterdam!), new neighborhoods (‘Oud Zuid,’ anyone?) and weekend strolls along the canals. If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the near future, check out recent “Coming Up” posts, and keep visiting for more Amsterdam Insights, published every Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “round up january (amsterdam)

  1. Patricia

    Just discovered your Amsterdam series and blog. It has been a long time since I have travelled to Amsterdam and seeing your photos makes me want to visit tomorrow. Your photos reveal the city’s character well. Thank you.

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