recent in 5 (#24) snow

It’s been cold in Amsterdam this week. So it’s the perfect time for hot chocolate and whipped cream, biking along the canals (wrapped in scarves and gloves and hats, mind you) and watching the beautiful sunsets… And on Sunday evening, it snowed. Just lightly. Nothing too serious. But it snowed. And on my way to school in the morning, I had to take stop and take a few photos. Had to.

(Yes, there are only 4 photos here, but I had to move before I got run over by a truck on the bridge, no big deal). More ‘recent in 5‘ posts here.


5 thoughts on “recent in 5 (#24) snow

    1. maevdk Post author

      Amsterdam is so beautiful in the winter. I’ll be posting more winter photos in the next few days, be sure to check back then! 🙂

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