recent in 5 (#25) much more snow

Ha, I was happy with the snow we got earlier this week. And then, Friday happened. I was studying in the library on Friday morning and when I happened to look up from the computer, I saw the biggest snowflakes starting to fall from the sky. And I watched, from inside the library, as the snowflakes accumulated on the ground. Distracted and restless, I ran outside, and walked by bike all the way home. I trudged past Dam square…

And through the Jordaan, where I walked over the canal bridges, cracked ice below, while shop keepers were busy shoveling to clear the sidewalks…

The picturesque Prinsengracht was covered in snow, and I watched as birds (curiously) settled on the frozen canal…

I didn’t think Amsterdam could be more beautiful, and then I saw her in the snow…

Click here for more photographs of Amsterdam in the snow: the first flurries, the Westerpark in the snow, skating on the Keizersgracht and the beautiful Brouwersgracht. More ‘recent in 5’ here.


15 thoughts on “recent in 5 (#25) much more snow

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  8. marigari

    wow just came across your blog. beautiful pictures. really brings me back to the pink sunsets, the great coffee and little cookies, and the universiteit :]

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