recent in 5 (#27) ice skating

My very last winter photographs up today. The snow has melted, the canals are no longer frozen and it feels as though winter disappeared in a flash. But it was a wonderful winter while it lasted. From walking home through the Jordaan in the fresh snow and up to the Brouwersgracht, to winter walks in the Westerpark and skating on the Keizersgracht, it was a magical time. A few more photographs of skating on the Keizersgracht below…

Happy Valentine’s Day! More ‘recent in 5‘ posts here.


3 thoughts on “recent in 5 (#27) ice skating

  1. K-Chan

    Hi Margot, really lovely winter-scapes of Amsterdam!!!! (I’m very partial to grachten-scenes as I was born on prinsengracht innit..). Beautiful photography – xxxx Karen

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