toos & roos (amsterdam)

Here’s another cafe to add to the collection of lunch cafes in Amsterdam, a collection that includes a few of my favorites: Cafe George (Leidsegracht 84), Greenwoods (Singel 103),  Latei (Zeedijk 143) and Singel 404 (Singel 404). This little gem, Toos & Roos, is located on the picturesque Herengracht, right below the Raadhuisstraat.

The interior is simple, but that only adds to the charm, and I especially love the large black-framed photographs on the wall.

(It also helps that a friend of mine works here a few days a week, hence the cute notes!) Toos & Roos is located on the Herengracht 309, and is open daily from 9am and on Sunday from 10am. Click for more Amsterdam Insights, published every Wednesday, and here for previous Coming Up posts.


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