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recent in 5 (#31) pink

A few photographs in pink to celebrate my mother’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Photographs were taken on the Haarlemmerdijk (1&2), at Two For Joy Coffee Roasters (Haarlemmerdijk 182; see previous post) where I tried their new Iced Chai Latte and read the latest issue of The Gentlewoman (3), at the LIKESTATIONERY Pop-Up store at the Strawberryblonde design studio (Prinsenstraat 24) (4) and  at the Noordermarkt, where I bought these beauties.


recent in 5 (#30) coffee, macarons & saphartipark

A few Amsterdam discoveries in De Pijp… A coffee and slice of carrot cake at corner cafe Kofi-T (Ferdinand Bolstraat 149) across from Inkt en Olie (Ferdinand Bolstraat 151; they sell the best postcards!) // the shops Cotton Cake (1e van der Helststraat 76), Charlie + Mary (Gerard Doustraat 84) and Zublim (Gerard Doustraat 86) // sampling delicious macarons at the recently opened Poptasi Pastry // grabbing a delicious fresh sandwich at Foodware (1e van der Helststraat 63) // and finding a park bench in the neighboring Saphartipark.

recent in 5 (#29) westelijke eilanden

Remember my hometown landscape series? The first of the landscapes was the beach, then a walk in the muddy woods on a dark rainy afternoon, then a beautiful dune-scape with wild horses and swamps and lastly a mossy almost magical spot in the woods. I thought I’d start sharing a few Amsterdam landscapes now. This first post is of a few photographs I took biking around Amsterdam’s Westelijke Eilanden, a neighborhood to the west of central station, right above the Haarlemmerdijk/Haarlemmerstraat.

There’s something so peaceful about living close to the water, don’t you think?

recent in 5 (#27) ice skating

My very last winter photographs up today. The snow has melted, the canals are no longer frozen and it feels as though winter disappeared in a flash. But it was a wonderful winter while it lasted. From walking home through the Jordaan in the fresh snow and up to the Brouwersgracht, to winter walks in the Westerpark and skating on the Keizersgracht, it was a magical time. A few more photographs of skating on the Keizersgracht below…

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recent in 5 (#26) snow & sunsets

The snow from last Friday is still on the ground, so I think it’s only fair that I continue this snow-related posts. As I mentioned, I walked home from Dam square, through the Jordaan and past the Brouwersgracht, pictured below. Remember this post a few months ago? Amsterdam is so beautiful in the snow…

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recent in 5 (#25) much more snow

Ha, I was happy with the snow we got earlier this week. And then, Friday happened. I was studying in the library on Friday morning and when I happened to look up from the computer, I saw the biggest snowflakes starting to fall from the sky. And I watched, from inside the library, as the snowflakes accumulated on the ground. Distracted and restless, I ran outside, and walked by bike all the way home. I trudged past Dam square…

And through the Jordaan, where I walked over the canal bridges, cracked ice below, while shop keepers were busy shoveling to clear the sidewalks…

The picturesque Prinsengracht was covered in snow, and I watched as birds (curiously) settled on the frozen canal…

I didn’t think Amsterdam could be more beautiful, and then I saw her in the snow…

Click here for more photographs of Amsterdam in the snow: the first flurries, the Westerpark in the snow, skating on the Keizersgracht and the beautiful Brouwersgracht. More ‘recent in 5’ here.

recent in 5 (#24) snow

It’s been cold in Amsterdam this week. So it’s the perfect time for hot chocolate and whipped cream, biking along the canals (wrapped in scarves and gloves and hats, mind you) and watching the beautiful sunsets… And on Sunday evening, it snowed. Just lightly. Nothing too serious. But it snowed. And on my way to school in the morning, I had to take stop and take a few photos. Had to.

(Yes, there are only 4 photos here, but I had to move before I got run over by a truck on the bridge, no big deal). More ‘recent in 5‘ posts here.