weekend in 3 (#41)

This weekend…
– Evenings spent with friends, huddled under heat lamps outside to shield ourselves from the -2 degree cold (yes, I may be exaggerating);
– Biking home as fast as lightning, toes freezing, fingers tingling inside our gloves, and making tea at 1am in the morning before crawling into our warm beds;
– Afternoons spent in the library, sipping warm coffees and reading research articles, attempting to finish writing my research paper;
– Meeting friends for a study-break, a steaming cup of fresh mint tea at Singel 404 (1);
– Biking on bridges over the canals on a cold Saturday afternoon, watching the sunset and bracing for another cold evening (2);
– Cooking up a fabulous feast with brothers and friends – chickpea burgers with beets, feta, lettuce, cucumbers and tzatziki with a side of home-made oven-baked dill and tumeric fries (3);
– And Sunday morning Whole-Wheat Pancakes (this time with a mix of flour & oats, and an extra dash of nutmeg) that seem to be a staple around here.

Happy Monday! Click here for more ‘weekend in 3‘ posts, published every Monday.


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